Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heart of Joy Folkschool Receives Grant

Heart Of Joy Folkschool has received a generous grant from the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, enabling us to put out the advertising needed, offer honoraria to teachers, buy supplies and food, and pay the rest of the fee for use of the Outdoor Education Center in Glen Helen.
We're now talking about the dimensions of the quilt we'll be making for the quilt class project, and the dimensions of the quilting frame the woodworking class will build on the spot. We're talking about bread recipes and soup recipes for the homemade lunch and supper we'll serve on Oct. 18. We're getting details on the historical folk drama for Friday night, Oct. 17. We have yet to round up a gang of musicians for the Old-Timey Dance on Saturday night - but that shouldn't be hard.
The display ad for the Yellow Springs News goes in this week - we'll see it by Wednesday afternoon. Linn Bobo, graphic artist and fellow librarian, is cleaning up my graphics and typesetting, adding her own touches for the production of a flyer/poster and a 3-fold brochure.
It's pretty exciting, getting this show on the road. Yeeha! And another YEEEEHA!